In a Geopark, the connection between Earth and man is central. It is a question of understanding the link between the nature that is shaped by the landscapes and the culture that emerges subsequently, which is only possible because of nature. It is all interconnected.

Where is the geopark?

Geopark The South Fyn Archipelago covers a large area of both land and water with many local stories. It is not, as one might expect, a park with one entrance. The Geopark encompasses 2,733 km2, including 1,304 km2 of sea territory and has a total coastline of 551 km. The South Fyn Archipelago comprises more than 55 larger and smaller islands and is a designated Geosite of outstanding international scientific and geological value.

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Let the geopark unfold

The geological evolution of the Earth has shaped our world and the opportunities and challenges that have formed us over time. In the Geopark, you can feel the connection for yourself as you move around the glacial landscapes.

Photo:Mikkel Jézéquel

Geopark on the go

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