Founding of the geopark

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A framework for sustainable development

In 2018, the four municipalities of South Fyn (Svendborg, Faaborg-Midtfyn, Langeland and Ærø) established Geopark the South Fyn Archipelago with the aim of being designated a UNESCO Global Geopark because the concept offers the framework needed to create the best possible environment for community-driven sustainable development.

There are no less than 45 sites of particular geological interest here, including three international geosites. The Geopark tells the story of how, also in the past, climate change has caused dramatic sea level rises and thereby the landscapes that have defined the area’s nature and culture for 10,000 years.

The purpose of the Geopark is expressed as the empowerment of its population through a strong common identity as the foundation for local sustainable development, starting from six primary fields of action:


Geology and nature

Geology and nature, and projects for the protection, monitoring and maintenance of natural assets and landscapes, including the enhancement of marine biodiversity.



Geotourism, understood as sustainable tourism that enhances rather than damages nature, the landscape and cultural and historical values, while benefiting and engaging the local community.

Active living

Active living that enhances good health and quality of life. Active outdoor living also leads to better understanding and appreciation of nature, and Geopark The South Fyn Archipelago has many years of experience in co-creating new activity opportunities.


Educational activities for all ages, with the Geopark serving as a huge learning space with real-life educational opportunities that lead to sustainable education and resilience, anchored in local identity, knowledge, curiosity and responsibility.

The arts and cultural heritage

Geopark The South Fyn Archipelago motivates new activities, partnerships and communication that support a vibrant cultural scene. This applies to virtually all forms of art and cultural life, which either celebrate the area’s special traditions and cultural heritage, or develop, challenge and renew them.


The Secretariat works to ensure that relevant research is constantly being carried out, and that the latest knowledge is disseminated. The Secretariat does this by establishing partnerships with research institutions, and through work in the Geopark’s Scientific Committee.

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