Tour 7: Exhibitions, hiking, and nature - on two wheels

Photo: Fritz Syberg

The beautiful hilly landscape that South Funen is known for has characterised life in the area since the ice age and holds great cultural significance. At Faaborg's two major museums, you’ll experience the area from two perspectives; nature and art. 

Visit Øhavsmuseet and experience first-hand how outer landscapes affect inner landscapes through a sensory and interactive exhibition. From here, continue to Faaborg Museum and see how the landscapes have inspired an entire colony of artists. The Funen painters emerged in the area in the 1880s not only to paint nature, but to live in harmony with it.

From here, naturally, the journey continues into nature, and we recommend two activities in particular: Take a walk in Svanninge Bakker and discover some of the places that inspired the artists. Every year, a number of gold frames are installed in specific places where the Funen painters painted their motifs. You can also take a two-wheeled ride through the landscape on the mountain bike trail Sydfynske Alper MTB, which includes all types of mountain bike routes from downhill and enduro trails, pump tracks and technical tracks to XC tracks and family-friendly trails.

Time required

We recommend that you set aside 1-2 hours at each museum - they are only 500 meters apart. 

Recommended means of transportation 

On foot and possibly mountain bike. You can get to Faaborg by bus from Svendborg and Nyborg.

Special notes

A list of Mountain Bike rentals on Fyn 

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