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Tour 5: Island lunch, geology, and a bike ride

Photo: Mikkel Jézéquel

Experience the archipelago from the water and get a taste of island life on Lyø and Avernakø. From Faaborg, you can take the ferry to either island, and then sail to the other before heading back. 

Lyø has the most varied landscape of all the islands in the archipelago. Bring your bike or borrow one from the harbour and enjoy the ride through the hills to Klokkestenen (3 km), a nozzle chamber built between 3500 and 3100 BC. The stone emits bright tones when you strike it, and the saying goes that you may have a wish granted when it makes its sound.

Avernakø, which is actually two islands connected by a dam, has 19 kilometres of coastline featuring great beaches, fishing spots and a rich bird life. If you are lucky you might see or hear the rare bell frog in some of the ponds. The island has marked hiking and cycling trails, several good accommodation options, a shelter site and two marinas (Avernakø Harbour where the ferry docks and Korshavn).

Large and rich archaeological finds have been made on Avernakø over the years. The richest find was made in 1685 in a field in the city Munke, where six sacrificial bowls with sun signs made of the purest gold were found. Five of the six gold bowls are today in the National Museum of Denmark. The sixth bowl was given to a French envoy in 1812. It was Avernakø's contribution to Denmark's penance for the fatal alliance with Napoleon.

The corn tree, which today takes form as the island's official flagpole, has become a landmark for the island. The tree is a fertility symbol from pagan times. A prayer for a good harvest in the field. When the May tree came to Avernakø is lost in history, but Avernak City and Munke keep the traditions alive by garlanding the May tree with beech branches and spring flowers every Pentecost Saturday.

Time required

At least one full day - but you can easily spend one or more days on each island. See timetable for the island ferry

Recommended means of transportation

By bike or on foot. On Avernakø the distance between the two harbours is 6 km and on Lyø there is a distance of 3 km from the harbour to Klokkestenen.

Special notes

On both Avernakø and Lyø there are several places to eat and stay. It's a good idea to check opening hours if you visit the islands outside the high season. Find a place to stay 

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