Tour 4: Wild nature, birdlife, and old country roads

Photo: Mikkel Jézéquel

Take a trip across the beautiful Svendborg Sound Bridge to Tåsinge, where you'll find Funen's largest salt marsh, Monnet. This area on the south coast has been protected since 1983 and therefore has a rich bird and animal life. 

It's a 15-kilometre trip from Svendborg with great options for a bike ride. You’ll get a beautiful view of the archipelago from the bridge followed by a wonderful ride through the small villages on the south of Tåsinge.

The large salt marsh, Monnet,  is quite different from the rest of the archipelago. Vårø Knude is eight metres high and was once a small independent island that served as a kind of anchor point during the formation of Monnet. High and low tides and storms have deposited clay, silt, gravel and sand, and the wetland has been drying out gradually. Even today, the sea is eroding Vårø Knude, whose materials contribute to the steady expansion of the salt marsh.

You can walk along the coast and on the salt marsh, but there are restrictions from March 15th – July 1st due to the bird breeding season.

On the way back, you ride along the west coast of Tåsinge up through Nørreskoven, past the Ambrosius Oak, a 400-year-old oak tree, and Valdemars Castle. This is a lovely bike ride going through the idyllic harbour town of Troense featuring many pristine half-timbered houses and a cosy harbour.

Refreshments can be purchased at Storms Hjørne, a local grocery store run by volunteers.

Time required

From 3 hours

Recommended means of transportation

Bike or car. The suggested route is approximately 35 km. See tour in Google maps

Special notes

There are a few good climbs around Bregninge on Tåsinge, which your legs might notice if you're on a bike.

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