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Tour 16: Wild horses, tomb chamber, hat hills, and a cold war museum

Photo: Søren Skibsted

The southern tip of Langeland is a vast natural area with open grasslands, lakes and bogs, forests and cliffs. Here, you can climb Fakkebjerg, crawl into a burial mound from the Stone age and visit the Cold War museum Langelandsfort.

In this area you can meet a herd of wild Exmoor horses that live independently in the area all year round - with minimal human interference. At Gulstav, you can explore the information centre with a small exhibition about the wild horses and the surrounding area. There is also a playground inspired by wild horses and a picnic centre.

Just 2.5 kilometres away we find Hulbjerg Jættestue, a burial mound from around 3,300 BC. Up to 20 graves have been found in Hulbjerg. Later burial mounds from the Bronze Age have also emerged here. In this "sacred landscape", the graves offer a glimpse into the ancient customs of life and death. Crawl into the darkness for at first-hand experience of this monumental Stone Age building.

Walk from the shadowy tomb to Fakkebjerg, one of Langeland's highest hilltops with public access. Fakkebjerg is located one kilometre from the Hulbjerg Jættestue and towers 30 metres above the surrounding terrain. From the top you can see the entire southernmost part of Langeland and, if the weather allows it, Lolland, Ærø and the northern coast of Germany.

The ice age landscape was fully utilised during the Cold War, when a bunker was placed in the hat hill of Fakkebjerg. Fakkebjerg is now open once a year in November for the cultural event Light in Darkness. During the Cold War, Langeland became home to a large fort, a radar station and an observation post tasked with searching for enemies from the east. The fort was active from 1953-93. In 1997, it was converted into a museum that you can now visit. At Cold War Museum Langelandsfort, you can climb aboard the submarine "Springeren" or the minesweeper "Askø", see a section of the Berlin Wall and admire the legendary MiG-23 fighter plane.

Time required

At least 5 hours

Recommended means of transport

Bike, bus or car. From Gulstav, it's 5 kilometres to the Cold War Museum Langelandsfort. From Rudkøbing you can take the bus and get off at the bus stop 'Vognbjergvej' 750 metres from the museum.

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