Tranekær slot

Tour 13: A medieval castle, natural art, and natural medicine

Photo: Mette Johnsen

Take a trip to Tranekær, which despite its relatively small size, offers several great experiences. A medieval castle, the adjacent castle park TICKON and the Medicine Gardens.

Tranekær Castle is Langeland's largest and most well-preserved medieval fortress. You can hear more about the history of the castle and the nature of “hat hills” in the podcast series The Sound of Langeland. Dating back to the 12th century, the castle is located at the top of one of the island's many hat hills. The castle is currently inhabited by the Ahlefeldt-Laurvig family.

In the adjacent castle park, TICKON, you can explore the site specific land art - an art form where artworks are built on site from organic materials such as wood, earth and stone. These works are marvellously integrated into the surrounding nature, but also subject to the destructive forces of nature, which will eventually cause them to disappear completely. Explore the lush nature where works of art suddenly appear. You might begin to question: What is nature and what is man-made?

Across from TICKON, you will find the Medicine Gardens. This medicinal-botanical park features Northern Europe's largest collection of medicinal plants - more than 800 different types. You'll walk through six themed circular gardens with medicinal plants to alleviate conditions such as foot sweat, urinary retention and sore throat.

In the Visitor's Apiary opposite the castle, an exhibition lets you experience the amazing life of bees up close. If your legs need a rest and your body needs nourishment, we recommend a visit to one of the city's eateries.

Time required

From 3 hours

Recommended means of transport

By foot - the recommended route is approximately 3 kilometres. You can take a bus to Tranekær.

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