Tour 11: Hilly bike ride, coastal cliffs, and meadows

Photo: Mikkel Jézéquel

Hop on your bike for a ride over the ridge of Ærø through varied terrain, stunning scenery and magnificent views.

There are many ideal biking routes around the island of Ærø. For a day trip from Ærøskøbing, we recommend you pass Voderup Klint, Vejsnæs Nakke and Gråsten Nor.

At Voderup Klint, a large nature area offers sea views as far as the eye can see. The area formed during the last ice age, when massive land blocks slid down the cliff to resemble huge steps. There is no longer any danger of landslides, so you can safely stop and take a walk on this unusual "staircase".

Vejsnæs Nakke is, at first glance, a large field, but reveals a cliff that extends 11 metres into the air facing the beach. In addition to the view, you can see traces of the earliest Viking Age, including a fortress built in the late 700s and traces of St Albert's Church, which served the community from the mid-14th century until the Reformation in 1536. Hereafter, the church was closed and eventually demolished.

As you continue towards Marstal, you'll pass by Gråsten Nor, a large meadow area and home to several rare plants. 8 kilometres of trails guide you through most of the nor.

Time required

Set aside a full day for the tour

Recommended means of transport

By bike and foot.

Special notes

The length of the recommended bike ride is approximately 35 km.

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