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Winter on Langeland

Winter experiences on Langeland and Strynø that will give you a great winter holiday.

Enjoy your winter holiday on Langeland

Langelands Vilde Heste

Winter on Langeland is something very special.

Here you can slow down, recharge your batteries and find space to dream.  

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, take a deep breath - experience peace and presence. Try something new and discover new sides to yourself. Spend time with your loved ones and experience hospitality in which new relationships can develop.

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Looking for exciting outdoor experiences for your winter holiday? 

In search of the 12 art towers
Denmark's longest art exhibition is spread over 12 art towers on Langeland.
Experience how different artists take on the challenge of a gallery measuring 1.5 x 1.5 metres and 8 metres high!

TICKON - art in nature
Tranekær Castle Park is a fantastic destination all year round - open from sunrise to sunset.
Every day at 12 noon and 3 pm you can listen to Gunnar Møller Pedersen's work "Et Lydår"

Medicine gardens in Tranekær
Explore the exciting world of medicinal plants.
The gardens are open all year round from sunrise to sunset and are an experience for both children and adults. 

Our animal wildlife keepers
The wild horses on Südlangeland can be visited all year round.
The horses' winter fur is so thick that the snow that falls on their backs does not melt.

Visit the Island of the Year 2022 - Strynø 
Experience the community spirit on Strynø.
Take a bike ride or put on your hiking boots and explore the little island in the middle of the South Fyn archipelago.

Strynø Havn


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