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Walk Around Langeland - Etape 6 - 12 km - Rudkøbing - Korsebølle

From the Langelands bridge in Rudkøbing walk north past fruit plantations and the Langelands Sound, a charming stretch of coastline with bays, coves and low cliffs of clay.

Stage 6 of Langeland Round begins where the Archipelago Trail crosses Nordre Landevej in Rudkøbing, at the foot of the eastern end of the Langeland’s Bridge.


You follow the Archipelago Trail, which is signposted, north for the first two kilometers, and then continue northwards along the coat around Næsehoved. After passing two fine overnight shelters next to the coast and a number of good bathing beaches, you will arrive at Korsebøllevej, where stage 6 finishes.


Næshoved and Åsø Beach are some of the fine localities on stage 6.

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