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TICKON: Unicorn Horn, John Rønnau

A dead oak tree at TICKON has been transformed into an artwork, which is  both many adult’s and children’s favourite here.


  • Artist: Jørn Rønnau
  • Erected: 1993

N.B. An admission fee (25kr) is payable to enter the Castle Park.

Phallic or feminine

The tree, which is leaning more and more towards the swamp, was transformed by Jørn Rønnau in to a spiral unicorn horn. Today a viewer might wonder if it is rising up out of the swamp or sinking into it.

A horn rising up out of the earth will probably be regarded by many as a phallic symbol, but Jørn Rønnau still believes that unicorns are much more connected to the feminine aspect of life.

To create this work, Rønnau erected scaffolding around the tree and began shaping the horn from the top down.

I en efterårsstorm i 2022 væltede Enhjørningehornet desværre. 


Jørn Rønnau

Jørn Rønnau was born in Denmark in 1944. He is a self taught sculptor who specialises in working with wood. His subjects are often animals and people, words or symbols, and only rarely abstract figures.

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