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Thurø Rev Beach

Thurø Rev is one of the best beaches for swimming, and additionally, it is a public beach.

Thurø Rev is something quite special. It extends its finger far out into the water towards Langeland, and it's wonderful to take a walk on the reef when the wind is blowing and the waves wash onto the beach.

The reef consists of two beaches: one facing southwest and one facing east, making it easy to find shelter. It's not pure sandy beach but mixed with small stones. The beaches at Thurø Rev change quite a bit from year to year. It seems like the reef itself is getting larger and the bay down to Smørmosen is being eroded.

The beach is so far from the beaten path that you avoid too many crowds of people and ball players. On good days, it can be quite crowded, a mix of clothed and naked beachgoers, but always peaceful.

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