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Søstærk Print & Papir

Beautiful hand-printed cards, high-quality stationery and writing instruments that make you want to write handwritten letters.

Welcome to a world of hand-printed stationery and quality writing instruments. The smallest shop in Ærøskøbing is home to Søstærk Print & Papir, where Astrid welcomes you to an exciting world of quality paper in beautiful colours and patterns, fountain pens, notebooks, hand-printed cards and posters.

Astrid, the owner of the small shop, is inspired by good craftsmanship and quality, exciting stories about production methods and carries several brands as one of the only ones in Denmark.

Søstærk also includes a small print shop, Søstærk Hustrykkeri. Here Astrid produces beautiful cards and notepads by hand.

Pop into the shop and have a chat about tradition, craftsmanship and innovation.

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