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Søren Baun Jeppesen - Ceramics

Ceramicist Søren Baun Jeppesen experiments with the possibilities offered by clay and the glazing process

The science of ceramics

Søren Baun Jeppesen studied ceramics at the Aarhus Academy of Art, where he also built the kiln that he still uses after 40 years. He is fascinated by working with fire and with the processes that take place during firing in the kiln. The final result is influenced by many factors, so each firing is a new experiment.

“I have always stuck with using the same type of clay - a French stoneware clay - classic shapes such as the bowl and the vase, and in the same simple glazes since the beginning. But if you compare my work from forty years ago to the ceramics I produce now, there is a huge difference. This is because that through all these years I have worked to achieve a better understanding of the processes that take place in the kiln. I have constantly experimented and played with the process, but even now I cannot say that I have control over it, I am always learning something new.” - Søren Baun Jeppesen

Søren Baun Jeppesen works in a classic style and everything is turned on his wheel. He does not let himself be distracted by fashion, but remains true to the same shapes he has aways made, constantly learning new things and achieving a greater understanding of what is happening in the kiln during the firing process. He makes all the glazes he uses himself using materials such as ashes from his wood burning stove and soils taken from the cliff on the coast, as well as all the basic elements that are always needed. Like firing, glazing his pots is also treated as an experiment.

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