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Skarø Harbour

Island vibe - Experience the unique island vibe of Skarø. Observe the peaceful environment, let the calm sink in, and enjoy the fresh sea air, when mooring here in the beautiful scenery.

Located by the western entrance to Svendborgsund (Svendborg Strait), Skarø is known for its diverse fauna – on summer evenings you might hear the sonorous calling of the fire-bellied toad in the meadows.

Try the local specialties. The 18 committed islanders inhabiting Skarø have several specialties to offer you. Taste a palette of smoked fish at the island’s smokehouse by the harbour, while enjoying the sunset by the bonfire or the barbecue – remember to call in advance.

The island of Skarø produces its own ice cream, which is sold at 100 different places across the country. Taste the ice cream for yourself at Skarø Is, where you will also find a café.

You might also want to visit the museum about Mogens Frohn, who used to be skipper of the Fulton schooner, participate in the island’s own Skarø Festival, and pay a visit to the local artisans.

Nice facilities. On the harbour-front, a brand new playground has been built to the great delight of younger visitors and islanders alike.

A sauna and a shelter have been built, and the harbour has a info area as well as brand shower facilities.

Ferry. The ferry departs for Svendborg and Drejø five times a day.

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