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Skarø Festival

The most loving music festival in the South Funen Archipelago.

In the midst of the South Funen Archipelago lies the tiny island of Skarø. On a daily basis, there are just over 20 residents, but when the calendar marks August and late summer, the island opens its doors to guests from near and far. They fill the apple orchard in the middle of the island with lovely people, beautiful tunes, and a festival just as they think it should be: Cozy, warm, manageable, and close!

The Music

Every year, they brew up a music program that is about creating surprises with new tunes and a sense of community around the familiar. And there always arises a special magic when some of the country's great artists perform in the small, very intimate setting of the apple orchard on Skarø – in close eye contact over the stage edge.

The Special Island Atmosphere

It's actually difficult to explain in words. But the regulars know it: A very special magic arises when Skarø is enveloped in the most loving festival atmosphere. It is often said that we are in the same boat – and with the same boats. And perhaps that's where it all begins: when everyone boards the ferry in Svendborg and heads towards the festival – musicians, guests, young and old. And then being together in the same apple orchard, on the same small island for four days full of love, music, and dance.

Micro Festival

SkarøFestival is called a micro festival because they never sell more than 1500 season tickets. Therefore, it's easy and pleasant to be a festival guest. You can always find friends and are free from crowds and chaos. They have cut out all the classic festival hassle. Their declared goal is never to grow big – only to grow better. Therefore, it is usually sold out when the festival is held on Skarø.

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