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Mogens Sjøgård - Landscape painter

Landscape painter Mogens Sjøgård finds the inspiration for his work close to home, especially on excursions along the coast of Langeland - or from his travels in the Nordic countries

Nature - an eternal inspiration

Mogens Sjøgård is an outdoors person who enjoys hiking, fishing and skiing. It is here that he finds the inspiration for his paintings.

“Nature, with its changing weather and the changing seasons has always attracted my attention and stimulated my senses. My subjects are either found close to home, from my excursions along the Langeland coast - or from my travels in the Nordic countries. The picture itself is created in my studio, partly based on sketches and photographs, but also drawn from memory.” - Mogens Sjøgård

The pictures are therefore not of an actual subject, but are inspired by an underlying idea that can develop over a few weeks, with many layers of paint being added to the canvas as the work progresses.


Mogens Sjøgard was born in 1951 in northern Funen, but has lived on Langeland for over 20 years. He graduated as a teacher in 1976 and teaches at Langelands Efterskole. He is a self taught artist and since 1983 has exhibited in several galleries, museums, art associations etc. both at home and abroad. He is a member of the “Landmalerne” (Landscape Painters) group of artists.

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