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Hammerich's House

Low ceilings, intimate corners and beautiful objects. Come and experience the evocative atmosphere of Hammerich´s House.

On the corner of Brogade and Gyden, you can visit the red house that is one of the best-preserved eighteenth century timber-framed houses in Ærøskøbing. The building has also retained its original interior, with narrow staircases and an old fireplace.

The house was filled with life and laughter after it was purchased by sculptor Gunnar Hammerich (1893– 1977) who furnished it with an impressive collection of antiquities, including 3,000 Dutch tiles, Kellinghusen faience and other household utensils from the South Funen Archipelago and Southern Jutland in the period 1600– 1800.

Hammerich's Hus is a monument to the development of Ærøskøbing over the course of the twentieth century

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