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Geopark: The Southfunen Archipelago

A dramatic global sea level rise created the South Funen Archipelago - a world-class drowned ice age landscape

55 islands and islets form the basis for the development of both island life and shipping

At the end of the last ice age around 11,700 years ago, Denmark was landlocked with southern England and southern Sweden. The South Funen Archipelago and Funen were one continuous land area with hills, forests and lakes. As the last great ice caps over North America and northern Scandinavia melted, the water level in the oceans rose and the low-lying land south of Funen was flooded.

Only the highest parts of the landscape remained above water and became the islands we know today. The archipelago's unique nature with shallow waters, numerous small islands and a varied coastline offers rich opportunities for countless nature experiences.

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