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Geopark: Klintholm Kalkgrave

This geosite is an inactive limestone quarry with an interesting geological profile.

These former limestone quarries are located 18 km northeast of Svendborg and are a unique geological site, clearly displaying the transition between two geological periods.
White limestone from the Danian period, deposited in what was then a warm subtropical ocean, is seen at the base of the exposed section. Above a sharp boundary, grey marl then appears. This was deposited in a cold ocean in the subsequent geological period, the Selandian. The deposits are approximately 63-60 million years old.
When you visit Klintholm Kalkgrave, try searching for fossils in the large pile of excavated limestone next to the quarry, listen carefully for the sounds of the rare fire-bellied toad in the small ponds, and discover the unique plants growing from the chalky soil.

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