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Faldsled Harbour

Faldsled Harbour is idyllically situated in Helnæs Bay, and can be called at both by day and night. The harbour has many berths of all sizes, the largest of which can be found  on the left of the entrance. On arriving at the harbour, visitor berths are available by arrangement with the harbour master or else use the designated green areas.

There are red and green buoys and compass markings. You need to abide by the marker buoys in the bay since the sides of the sandbanks can have stones up to 0.3 metres below the surface. There are green and red jetty lights at the entrance.

The harbour master is available in the harbour between 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. and 16:00 to 20:00, and always by telephone on 21284960.

Tokens for the shower and slipway can be purchased from the harbour master.

Tags provided on payment of harbour charges must be displayed on the boat - visible from the jetties.

By contacting the harbour master, it is also possible to borrow or rent a bike.

Transport to Faaborg

There is no regular bus service to the town of Faaborg, but you can can book a tele bus. Anyone can order a tele bus, you just have to book it one hour before you want to be picked up.

Bookings must be made to Fynbus` call centre on 63112255

Facilities at Faldsled Harbour

In the communal building there is a fridge and freezer as well as tableware for 20 people ,freely available to all, but you are asked to wash up after use. You need to bring tea towels, washing up liquid and a dishwashing brush.

There is a barbecue set up on the terrace by the communal building which is free for use. In addition, there are grills, benches and tables in different locations around the harbour, which are also free of charge.

There is a TV in the communal building with access to a small selection of programmes through Boxer TV.

In the communal building, residents as well as visiting sailors cannot hold private dinners or other get-togethers which exclude other users.

Everyone with the entry code for the building has the right to use it. 

Swap a book

In communal building there are two bookcases with books. Here you can exchange a book for a new one and you are welcome to take it with you when leaving the harbour. 

Shopping opportunities

Rolls and bread can be ordered from the harbour master, paid for when booking and picked up next day at the office from 07:30.

A minibus comes daily to the harbour, offering free transported to Spar Håstrup. It leaves at 17:00 and you must sign up for the trip with the harbour master during the day.

In the kiosk, there is a limited selection of groceries. 

Washing machine and spin-dryer

Both are found in the womens’ toilets in the communal building.

You must provide your own soap powder and fabric softener.

Payment for the use of both is settled with the harbour master.

Price per wash: 20 kr. / 3 euro

Price for drying: 20 kr. / 3 euros 

Free Internet at the harbour

It is possible to log on to the internet in the whole harbour area and also your boat.

The access code is called "havnen".

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