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The Church of Valdemars Castle

The original castle is named after King Christian IV’son, Valdemar, and was built 1639-44. in 1678 the castle was sold to admiral Niels Juel whose family have since owned it. A church was built in the southern part of the castle and it was consecrated in 1687 by Bishop Thomas Kingo. The church was only for the use of the owner, and in 1847 it was closed. During the Schleswig wars in 1848-50 and in 1864 the church functioned as a field hospital. In 1880 the owner of the castle restored to the Baroque style we sww today. After completion of the restoration the Valdemars Slot church was used as auxiliary church in the parish. Today Valdemars Slots Church is the home for Tåsinge’s nonconformist congregation ans their services and their services and celebrations.

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