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Bicycle Tour: The Bagenkop Route

This 20.6km long tour takes you around the Bagenkop district of South Langeland, past the wild horses, the stone age passage grave (called a “jættestue” here in Denmark) at Hulberg, Dovns Klint and Langeland’s Fort.

You bike south from Bagenkop. Make a stop at the Hulbjerg Passage Grave and crawl into the burial chamber, where time has been standing still for the last 5000 years.                            

Dovns Cliff is the remains of a hat-shaped hill. Take a walk along the beach with its many rolling stones and also look at the coppice Eastern Gulstav right by the cliff. Continue on the route in northern direction and you will pass the hat-hill Fakkebjerg (37 m/121 ft) as an excellent observation point if you want to study migratory birds.                

You may want to visit the Langeland Fort as you ride north. Before you get back to Bagenkop, you should make a stop by Klise Nor, where you have the opportunity to get a closer look at the Exmoore ponies.         

The horses remain outside year round and they find their own food. Exmoore ponies resemble the wild horses that used to live in Denmark 5000 years ago—at the time when the stones of the Hulbjerg Passage Grave were erected.


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