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Avernakø Landhotel - farm shop

Farm shop

We work with sustainability in everything we do and our products in the store are no different. Sustainability is at the forefront of our minds here, as using everything from livestock and island fruits, berries and herbs and doing it locally has become our trademark and our pride. This plays a major role in our productions and vision. The assortment in the farm shop is therefore seasonal.

- Jams, jellies and other preserves made from the island's produce.
- Homemade ice cream.
- Homemade juices.
- Herbal salt
- Rabbit meat
- Goat meat and sausages from Grønnemosegård.
- Goat horn jewellery, spoons and buttons.
- Cold soap with goat's claw
- Hand-spun and vegetable-dyed yarn from mohair, alpaca, angora and sheep.
- Glass, ceramics and other crafts.
- Cat toys made of natural materials

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