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Atelieret på Røjlevej

Glass art, wood and stone sculptures, painting and jewelry.

The Atlieret on Røjlevej is an art workshop.
Here houses Pernille, who is a designer and artist.
With background from Funen's drawing and painting school, the design school in Kolding, and the Riksglasskolan in Sweden.
The site houses a gallery which is well worth a visit. With everything from glass art, wood and stone sculptures, to painting, prints and jewelry.
You are always welcome, but it is open separately during the summer season. (July / August)
See facebook (atelieret på røjlevej) for events, such as Christmas sales and the like.
The art style is fabulously figurative, and leads the mind to the unknown, the spiritual, the animal kingdom and the storytelling. Everything from cats to aliens appears. The more commercial side of the gallery includes art of use such as large glass dishes, glassware, and jewelry.
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