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Art Tower No. 6

On the 13th of May there will be a vernissage of a new work by Silje Bruun Hansen in Art Tower 6


Art Tower No. 6: 

  • Artist: Jørgen Minor 
  • Artwork: An Ode to π
  • Created: 2020

An Ode til π

”An Ode til π, a three dimentional wooden relief. Recycled materials to resonate withspirit of our time.  A homage to the ratio between a circle's circumference and its diameter,  22:7. Or 3,14159265358979323846264338327950288497169399375105820974944 etc. etc. for all eternity, amen. How Beautiful!

If an artist begins to talk about his work or himself, he disempowers the viewer. Perhaps instead he should have written a short story or read outloud his psychiatric journal. Or perhaps denigrate Picasso or become a barker for Circus Fatman? Or have written estate agent poetry for the weekly newspaper's house ads? Or have become an art critic? Yes, bingo, an art critic!

Who can help? That would be Johan Wolfgang von Goethe, who in the midst of his lifelong romantic babbling about everything and nothing suddenly said the words that should be carved in granite or bent in neon above the entrance to every art school : BILDE  KÛNSTLER, REDE NICHT.” – Jørgen Minor

Jørgen Minor 

Jørgen Minor was born and raised on Langeland. As a visual artist he works with both sculpture and graphic. In 1982 he published his first novel "Silence is Golden", and has since published a number of books , articles and short stories etc.. Amongst them is the novel for young adults The Merchants Boy which is set in Rudkøbing in the 1600s.


Langeland's Art Towers - a unique way of experiencing art

Denmark's longest art exhibition can be experienced by visiting 12 former electrical transformer towers on Langeland. The art towers give visitors an artistic experience in the heart of the Langeland countryside.
From North to South and East to West, you can explore the cultural landscape and enjoy art in rural peace and quiet.

The towers are open all year round. A tour around them all will always offer a new experience, influenced by both the season and weather. 

You can read more about the  12 art towers at https://www.govisitlangeland.com/langeland/discover/art-towers



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