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Art Tower No. 11 - Jytte Sølvbjerg - Pause for thought

In Art Tower No. 11 you can visit (perhaps) the world's smallest café. Artist Jytte Sølvbjerg invites you to enter - you just have to bring along your own coffee and cakes.


Art Tower No. 11:

  • Artist: Jytte Sølvbjerg 
  • Artwork: "Welcome to the café/Pause for Thought" 
  • Created: 2020

Welcome to the café

Artist Jytte Sølvbjerg loves the special atmosphere foun in cafés, because she believes they are the best place just to sit and think. That's why she was in no doubt that she would create a café when asked to decorate an Art Tower. 
The tower, which is surrounded by open fields, is furnished with a table and benches, and decorated with gold frames and mirrors. Today the tower is also decorated with messages from guests who have visited the café. 

Bring along your own coffee and cake and visit the world's (possibly) smallest café.


Jytte Sølvbjerg

Jytte Sølvbjerg (b. 1954) studied at the Funen Academy of Art and works in the media of photography and painting.

As well as working as an artist Sølvbjerg has been employed as a interior designer in the Faroe Islands and as a scenery painter for Nordisk Film.


Langeland's Art Towers - a unique way of experiencing art

Denmark's longest art exhibition can be experienced by visiting 12 former electrical transformer towers on Langeland. The art towers give visitors an artistic experience in the heart of the Langeland countryside.
From North to South and East to West, you can explore the cultural landscape and enjoy art in rural peace and quiet.

The towers are open all year round. A tour around them all will always offer a new experience, influenced by both the season and weather. 

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