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Ærøskøbing Visitor Service

Visit Ærøskøbing Visitor Service, located close to the ferry berth in Ærøskøbing. Find inspiration and tips for your holiday on Ærø.

Ærøskøbing Visitor Service

In Ærøskøbing you will find the island's main guest service. Here they can help you with (almost) everything related to your visit to Ærø. Ærøskøbing Visitor Service is generally open every weekday from 10-14.

Here you will find various materials that are useful in connection with your visit to the island, such as The Ærø Guide and other leaflets about sights, nature experiences and all the exciting things that happen here on the island.

At Ærøskøbing Visitor Service, you can borrow an entrance card to the library if you do not have a Danish health insurance card and would like to visit one of the island's two cosy libraries.

Brochure boxes

On board the ferries and in various places on the island, you will find brochure boxes with printed material, such as the Ærø Guide, city maps, cycling and hiking maps, bus timetables, etc.

You can find the brochure boxes in the three marinas, in front of Ærøskøbing Visitor Service at Ærøskøbing Harbour, but also in several shops, restaurants and accommodation.

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