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Ærø Whisky

Visit Ærø Whisky, a micro-distillery in the centre of Ærøskøbing that produces local and tasty whisky.

Ærø Whisky is housed in the old wash house in the courtyard behind Den Gamle Købmandsgård. There is a visitor centre and during the high season you can join one of the guided tours of the distillery.

The grain used in Ærø Whisky is barley. Any grain can be used to make whiskey, for example, the USA is known for its Bourbon whiskey, which is primarily made from corn. Rye whiskey is made from rye and Single Malt uses barley.

Product traceability is important to Ærø Whisky and because local ingredients are used in production, they know exactly where the grain comes from. This is unique and can only be achieved with a very modest production. For example, the 2013/2015 harvest from Dunkærgaard, which has a tradition of producing malt barley, is included in their production and the 2014 harvest comes primarily from Tange's field at Tværbymark.

Ærø Whisky collaborates with Refsvindinge historical smoke malting plant and Kølster's organic malting plant and local Ærø Bryggeri has supplied wort for their first distillation in the wash house.

The wood used to store whisky is always oak. The oak is usually 100 years old before it reaches a size that makes it suitable for building casks. For the first few years, Ærø Whisky's production has been a mixture of new Hungarian oak, new American oak, former sherry casks and finally our very own Ærø oak.

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