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Ærø Airfield

Starling Air is a small airline company that mainly deals with passenger and cargo flights. 

Starling Air specialize in pleasure flights, bird counting from a low altitude, photo flights and publicity banners.

 Customs and border crossing to all countries.


VMC: Day and Night.

Night flight: O / R.

Customs / Limit: Yes, all - PN 1 hour.

ELEV. : - 3 feet.

RWY: 15/33 - 789 m grass.

FUEL: AVGAS 100 LL (cash only).

PPR: No.

INFO TLF: +45 63526367.

Radio: 123,175 MHz.

Hangar space: limited.

Bicycle rental: Yes.

Car Rental: Yes.

Types of aircraft in general: Motor vehicle, engine airplane, ultra light, helicopter and gyroscopes.

Seasonal applicability: All year.

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